Financial Institutions 

The digital revolution is having a tremendous impact on all economic sectors, but it affects more specificly the distribution of financial products

While traditional sales channels (branches and agencies) are forced to reorganize, the web and social networks offer new business opportunities.

Within a coherent multichannel strategy, digital medias allow Financial Institutions to reach new prospects, speed up client subscription, optimize cross-sales, etc.

By the way, setup costs for such acquisition strategies are quite reasonable in comparison to the commercial benefits they induce. 

Based on our own experience as a service and technology provider for FI’s, we have gathered within this document a set of tips and advice that will surely help you win new clients online



Chapter 1 : A true SEO/SEM strategy
Chapter 2 : Gamified simulators
Chapter 3 : Tracking customers journey
Chapter 4 : Smart forms
Chapter 5 : Cookies everywhere
Chapter 6 : Betting on human contact
Chapter 7 : Coming back at the right time
Chapter 8 : Warm databases


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